64150_4745100508914_57553306_nThere are so many ways for students to get involved at First Baptist Church! We are a church community that values service, not sitting back and watching ministry happen, but diving in and working for the Kingdom of God to come in our church, on our campuses, and in the surrounding community.

We have three main ways students can take leadership roles and serve within FBC College:

1) Agape Team

The Agape team serves to create opportunities for student to engage in worship and prayer. Through music, creative arts, community activities, and the guiding of the Spirit, the Agape team works to make sure our Agape Nights (which happen every-other Saturday) are times for student to draw near to God. 

2) Community TeamWED_7914

The Community team works to give students opportunities to build community through fellowship among students and outreach to the larger church and community.  This team plans events that bring students together and send students out, ready to grow the community of God through fun, fellowship, outreach, and service.

3) Growth Groups

Growth Group leaders work on campus to bring students together in small groups for discipleship and growth. Leaders might facilitate bible study, accountability and/or prayer times, book studies, topical discussions, and much more. Growth Groups serve as smaller environments to draw students into a deeper engagement with their peers and with Christ.

WED_8021Students also serve in many areas of the broader FBC Church ministries; from children and youth ministry to property and office volunteering, from working in the homeless shelter, ESL ministry or food pantry to hospitality, media, and worship teams. There are so many ways to get involved!

If you want more information on service at FBC, email Pastor Josh –



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